First Night in Barcelona

Breakfast Room in the Barcelona BB

Breakfast Room in the Barcelona BB

Arriving as the sun was bidding a fond farewell to the evening, a short hop into the city on the train from the airport; and then on to the Metro. It was just after 10pm and the city was still bustling and vibrant as we arrived at our accommodation, our home from home for the next three days and nights – The Barcelona BB which came very highly rated on Trip Advisor and truly did not disappoint.

We were greeted by Kiku who showed us around and helped us get our bearings as well as throwing some excellent dinning recommendations our way. A quick freshen up and we ventured to La Rita Restaurant (one of Kiku’s picks) for an excellent three course meal, washed down by a beautiful bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

La Rita Restaurant

Being British the difference in culture hits you straight away, the Spanish love to go out, they love to drink and above all they love their food. Meals are taken later in the evening so considering our arrival time, we were perfectly placed to get straight into the Spanish way of life; only a couple of hours in we were already loving every minute of it!


Garage Door in Barcelona

Saw this walking through Barcelona, I think that maybe the owner DOESN’T want anyone parking outside, but I’ve been wrong before ha ha.

Garage Door in Barcelona

Fatberg Threatens London Streets

A giant 15 Tonne Fatberg clogged up the sewage system underneath London streets and took 10 days for workers to clear. The video footage on the Telegraph Website shows a mobile CCTV Unit exploring the cause of a blockage before finding the horrific mass of fat!

If you were complaining about your day in work, lets face it, it could be worse!

Our Tour of Spain


Flying above the clouds the holiday we’ve been planning for the past few months has finally arrived. Our destination for the first leg of the trip will be cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. I cant wait to take in the food, the sites and the opportunity to stroll around such a beautiful and historic city bathing in the sunshine.

We are due to take in four amazing and different places: Barcelona, then Benicassim for the Fib Festival, then Madrid and finally Alicante; I can’t wait to experience the sights, sounds and flavours of Spain and to share them all in my blog.

As I take a sip from my warm bottle of water which washes down an airport meal deal; what am I most looking forward to? At this moment I am thinking of the food. Just an hour to go till touchdown!

Planning Our Trip to Barcelona


We are now just two weeks away from a visit to Barcelona which kicks off our 4 venue trip around mainland Spain.  The only problem is that there are so many things to see, do and a multitude of places to eat!  I am scouring the internet for reviews, pictures and websites as Glastonbury plays in the background and am loving every minute of it.  

The grand plan is not to be wandering around in the heat with a giant map in my hand, i may as well have a huge arrow pointed to my head reading ‘beware confused tourist’.  Please no. with a little research, the fantastic apps available for the city and a tiny mix of preparation, I fully intend to take in the sights, sounds and tastes of the city at a nice pace and to make the most of my three days and four nights.

Any recommendations are more than welcome and I will of course report back via my blog.

14 days and counting.

Friday Fun: Sheep Rescues Fireman From Rooftop



On a quiet midweek afternoon, residents were shocked as a sheep mounted a daring rescue bid to save a stranded fireman on the rooftop of a mid terraced house!


The homeowner Mr. Jeffries claimed: ‘The fireman must have wandered into the garden and then, somehow, had clambered on to the roof’.


In a flash the passing sheep responded, amid the commotion, safely guiding the confused man down from danger before disappearing into the relieved crowd.


An onlooker said: ‘talk about bravery, while we were all stood watching, the sheep just went up there and saved him.  No regard for his own safety or the danger of the rescue, he just made it look so easy.


Local press and police have labeled the, as yet, unnamed sheep, a local hero and calls for the rescuer to come forward have, so far, been unanswered. 


The fireman was treated for shock at a local hospital and was said to just be thankful both he and the rescuer were unharmed.  The fireman has since been returned to his fire station where staff have promised to keep a closer eye on him.