Friday Fun – Have a close look at this photograph!

This just looks like a regular photograph and indeed it is, but look closely and see if you notice anything.



Happy Friday Everybody


Friday Fun: Sheep Rescues Fireman From Rooftop



On a quiet midweek afternoon, residents were shocked as a sheep mounted a daring rescue bid to save a stranded fireman on the rooftop of a mid terraced house!


The homeowner Mr. Jeffries claimed: ‘The fireman must have wandered into the garden and then, somehow, had clambered on to the roof’.


In a flash the passing sheep responded, amid the commotion, safely guiding the confused man down from danger before disappearing into the relieved crowd.


An onlooker said: ‘talk about bravery, while we were all stood watching, the sheep just went up there and saved him.  No regard for his own safety or the danger of the rescue, he just made it look so easy.


Local press and police have labeled the, as yet, unnamed sheep, a local hero and calls for the rescuer to come forward have, so far, been unanswered. 


The fireman was treated for shock at a local hospital and was said to just be thankful both he and the rescuer were unharmed.  The fireman has since been returned to his fire station where staff have promised to keep a closer eye on him.