Wandering Around Barcelona – Parque de la Ciudadela

Wide View of the Fountain

When your in a brand new City with a plethora of places to see and things to do, there is something to be said for just getting hold of a map and following your feet.
Well it was such a scientific approach that let us through to the incredible Parque de la Ciudadela, which had so much to offer and so much to see.

Its parks like these that tend to blend the tourists and the locals and really gives you a sense of the lifestyle out here. Families having picnics, couples cwtching (Welsh term for cuddling), people reading in the shade of the trees.

And that’s without the Citadel, the Museums, the sculptures and of course the jewel in the crown (literally), La Cascada – a lavishly decorated fountain that commands attention.

There is also a lake and even a zoo, neither of which we had to the time to visit but would definitely go back in a heartbeat and would highly recommend to anyone venturing to the City of Barcelona.

Here are some Pictures of the park, I hope you enjoy and get to see it for yourself one day – thanks for reading!





First Day In Barcelona


Following our First Night In Barcelona we gather for breakfast at the excellent Barcelona B&B and share a table with some fellow travellers. This provides us with an excellent opportunity to share some tips about what to see and do in and around the city. We then head out to explore what Barcelona has to offer making a bee line for the famous Las Ramblas. Las Ramblas on to The Market

Despite the bustling surroundings you kind of know when you hit Las Ramblas, which is a huge walkway through the heart of the city. Passing shops, kiosks bars and restaurants we then came across a place I had been particularly keen to explore La Boqueria – which, being a lover of all things food and drink, was a fantastic treat.

Walking among the various range of stalls presenting a tantalising mix of colours, scents, sights and flavours, I couldn’t help but take some pictures to capture the market in all its glory – I hope you enjoy!